MADE an effective example of how to adapt to growing digital demand is an online design brand that originated in the UK but very quickly has grown into a successful international Omni-channel retail business. It offers designer home furnishings at affordable prices by cutting out the "middlemen".
The company dates back to 2010 when the first version of MADE was launched. From that day their sales went from zero till their cumulative sales hit £1b in 2020. Quite an impressive number right?

In MADE they create their own products. They only produce what they believe they can sell, pack it, and ship. From the very beginning, they have done things differently, but right. By introducing a number of innovative technologies they strive to satisfy all the emerging client needs. sales went from zero in 2010 to £1b in 2020
For example, their MADE Labs (tech innovation team), has introduced a new AI-powered search tool called "Shop Your Photos" which allows customers to locate and shop MADE items based on their own photos or Pinterest Pins. From the very first day, they knew that Pinterest is one of the most important social media platforms for home decoration-loving audiences. So MADE made sure to set up a Pinterest account as soon as possible. On Pinterest, they knew they could reach a design-savvy audience that needed help renovating rooms or decorating new apartments. Today their Pinterest board contains photos from the smart marketing campaign "MADE Unboxed", a real-time gallery of images from actual customers. So that other Pinterest users can shop their products directly from Pinterest or using "Shop your photos" to find similar items.
Customers can find "Shop Your Photos" online by clicking the camera icon in the search bar on MADE.COM, or by downloading MADE's iOS app from the App Store.
Building on a number of successes since its launch, including MADE's online interior design service, Sofasizer, and "Shop Your Photos", MADE Labs' launched its first 3D virtual showroom. With the help of VR headsets, shoppers can experience Made's Amsterdam showroom and explore its products from every angle.

MADE Labs works with start-ups and tech partners to readily test and prove innovative concepts. Unlike incubators run by many other companies, MADE Labs works closely with the rest of the business to turn the most successful ideas into action on MADE's core platforms.

The interactive showcase spreads across four rooms and presents three key trends. As viewers move through the virtual space, they can click on a series of tags for individual stories behind the products, from design details to inspiration and designer collaborations. A complimentary audio guide, led by Made's design director, Ruth Wassermann, is also available.

All these tech solution examples of how stepping into the new technologies allow MADE Labs to bring the best ideas to their customers.

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