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Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality – Wayfair's winning e-commerce strategy
As we know selling furniture online is a bit of a challenge – the lack of personal approach, limitations of showrooms, endless returns, etc. Finding proper furniture that will suit the interior and will also be sustainable is not the easiest task. Digital Technology and e-commerce have always gone hand in hand, it seems that AI has come straight out of Sci-Fi movies to serve customers and overcome all the issues above.
Wayfair – one of the biggest players in home furnishing and household goods, has made Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality one of their winning e-commerce strategies.

When Matt Zisow, Vice President at Wayfair, thinks about what new technology to invest in, he first starts by identifying a customer problem and then decides what tech features could solve that problem.
They have been one of the pioneers in introducing their own visual search feature. This feature allows customers to upload a picture to find what they're looking for, and visualize it with a 3D room planning option.

By using your phone's camera and augmented reality, the room planning feature allows customers to see how the product will look in their interior. The option to virtually preview the product before the actual purchase makes the purchase much safer for the customer and the seller.
Wayfair AI and VR development team consists of more than 700 people
By using data and AI Wayfair has been able to create a personalized, curated shopping experience for its customers and has been able to better execute its strategy so it stands out against giant competitors like Amazon. Their online product developer team consists of more than 700 people – including engineers, UX designers, and data scientists.

Wayfair is also making major investments in computer vision. It's an investment that will solve one of the major problems with e-commerce - the crowd, that is inspired by something they find on social media or other resources, will find the products of their inspiration on Wayfair.

To compete with Wayfair's AI success in e-commerce you must either have a big tech team and big budget or outsource us to take care of it.

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