AI solutions tailored for interior design businesses

The DesignSpy digital product is based on various sophisticated object recognition techniques designed specifically for the display, management and processing of interior items.

The DesignSpy artificial intelligence algorithm and neural network training engine are a proprietary technology of Staarter Inc.
Discover DesignSpy features and the benefits of integrating an artificial neural network and the visual recognition of interior items with online sellers' platforms
Deep Tagging
Using Deep Learning techniques, we've trained DesignSpy to identify interior products, categorize them, and generate highly structured tags to populate your catalogue.

Simply upload item images and let DesignSpy recognise product category, materials, colours, style and other market-relevant features.
Why do you need this?

  1. Replace manual tagging with AI automatic processing with visual tag recognition.
  2. For easier data handling, tags and categories are mapped to your company and stock ontology.
  3. Add new items to your stock way faster.
  4. Easily fix existing incorrect tags, employee errors and spelling mistakes.
  5. Boost overall searchability and search accuracy on your site.
Similar Item Recommendations
Your editor can have a rest! DesignSpy will pick similar items from the catalogue and assign recommendation links to a selected product based on visual similarity.
Why do you need this?

  1. Let AI automation replace the manual labour of finding similar items.
  2. If a product is out of stock, DesignSpy will suggest similar items available for purchase.
  3. Automatically suggest more options with related products using the same style, colour, material, etc.
  4. Reduce stock management costs.
Auto Captions for SEO
DesignSpy also performs search engine optimisation (SEO) for furniture and interior images. With no human labour involved, the tailored DesignSpy script based on a trained neural network checks image contents and creates rich description, captions and alt text based on visual content.
Why do you need this?

  1. Save yourself the need to enter image alt text and captions manually.
  2. Improve organic Google web and picture searches with rich descriptive captions for images.
  3. Benefit from localization possibilities with precise, automatic caption translations.
Dramatically improve shoppers' engagement and increase conversion rates by applying DesignSpy visual recognition and analytic services to your interior design marketplace
Visual Search
Enable your customers to use any image from any device to start a search query and find what they're looking for. This is how customers can shop for items they see in the real world.
Why do you need this?

  1. In interior design, a visual search is crucial and more relevant than textual descriptions. Snapping and sharing photos is natural in today's digital culture, so the ability to respond to this behaviour in sales is an obvious advantage.
  2. Boost customer engagement and marketplace accessibility with an improved user interface.
  3. Improve product discoverability by reducing dependency on complex verbal descriptions and text-based search
  4. Increase the conversion rate by turning customer inspiration into action.
Multiple Items Detection
DesignSpy detects multiple objects within a single image, saving visitors the time and pain of cropping their images manually. Shoppers can easily select desired products from a photo or a render of an interior.
Why do you need this?

  1. Let your customers enjoy the most seamless experience with visual searches. They just have to point to a recognised item on your image and get results.
  2. Shoppers receive proposals of several items or even an entire interior based on the image with various objects.
Category Detection
Give your customers one-tap access to catalogue categories listing their desired items based on their photo input.
Why do you need this?

  1. Benefit from automatic image-based classification of items with direct links to catalogue categories.
  2. Make the user experience of your marketplace intuitive and seamless.
Similar Items Recommendations
Let your customers find suggestions of the most similar items based on the image of their desired interior piece.
Why do you need this?

  1. Visitors get an option to browse items that are truly similar.
  2. If a desired item is currently out of stock, visitors get a list of similar pieces available for purchase.
  3. DesignSpy similar-items search is empowered by visual-similarity searching algorithms and enhanced by category/tag detection for the most precise result.
Search Items by Interior Plan
Make an apartment blueprint the starting point for designing an interior! DesignSpy will recognize schematic furniture elements and suggest suitable items. In combination with style or reference selection, DesignSpy can deliver a final interior project with all items combined in one offer.
Why do you need this?

  1. Increase user engagement by providing interior proposals based on a blueprint.
  2. Automatically combine different items in one order.
  3. Stand out from the competition with DesignSpy AI-based interior decorator that provides results instantly.
Interior Recommendation Engine
Find related interior pieces that best complement a selected item. DesignSpy can be your AI-based interior designer that provides complete furnishing projects with a combination of various items.
Why do you need this?

  1. Customers can receive proposals on styling up their space using actual stock in no time.
  2. No need to involve an interior designer – DesignSpy will do the job.
Snap from Print
Customers can snap a photo from a magazine, a coupon, a banner or signage and find products in your marketplace.
Why do you need this?

  1. Connect your lookbooks with actual stock with no effort. Customers can browse real items in stock from a printed page.
  2. Convert store signage and posters or street banners displaying your items to shoppable products.

We offer three scenarios for DesignSpy functionality integration with client data and environment:
Option 1
Cloud API on trained dataset
  1. Client provides a dataset
  2. We provide our trained neural network hosted on Cloud
  3. We provide an API for a product database that allows items to be easily added and removed
  4. We provide an API for requests.
Option 2
Cloud API on clients' dataset
  1. Client provides a dataset
  2. We train the neural network based on the provided dataset and host it on Cloud
  3. We provide an API for a product database that allows items to be easily added and removed
  4. We provide an API for requests.
Option 3
Deployment on premises
  1. Client provides a dataset
  2. We train the neural network based on the provided dataset
  3. We return the trained neural network back to the client
  4. We deploy DesignScan functionality on clients' servers.
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